This is my personal list of books I've read and found interesting.
I mostly read on productivity, psychology or design. I re-designed the book covers but included a link to Amazon, so you can find it quickly! 


The basics of everyday typography explained on examples. In my opinion, everyone working with any kind of graphic program or just a text editor should read this. There is way too much bad typography out there! 

There is neither time nor budget for a user research - you've probably heard it. This book is packed with arguments for doing your research and doing it right! 

Book on productivity and on how to do more work in less time. Cal himself became very successful in his field by doing less of the shallow work by concentrating solely on the deep, undistracted work.

Habits are probably the most important keystone of productivity. Once you realize that, you will have much less trouble achieving, what you always wanted. Willpower is a muscle and it can be trained!

Don't let the title put you off. This is not a book for lonely nerds seeking for friends. It's a brilliant book on how to deal with people and getting them on your side.

Having trouble getting your shit done? This is the book for you. It explains why we procrastinate and proposes very effective principles to get better at avoiding your responsibilities. 

Another great book on user experience design. Very interesting insights on how design is done in famous companies like Apple and how new products are designed.

My favorite book on web design, unfortunately, only available in the Czech language! It covers everything from working with a contract, client communication, project management to the design process. 

Absolutely must read for every web designer and project manager. Vey informative, easy to read, getting to the core. This book will open your eyes to usability and user testing.

The classic by Don Norman, a must-read for every interaction designer! The book might seem a bit too old, but all of the principles still apply, no matter if you are a product or digital designer. Easy and fun to read. 

This is the bible of interaction design by Alan Copper - the father of Visual Basic and the inventor of personas. I haven't read it whole yet (it's fairly extensive), but it's worth ever just for the personas-chapter! 

Getting Things Done (GTD) is very popular time management method, proposed by David Allen. No matter if you are a top-manager or just a lazy student, GTD can be applied and hacked for every purpose! I use it myself.