So I finally finished my personal website. It only took a couple of years and many concepts I threw away on the way. But why am I launching a website, anyway?

First of all of all, let me introduce myself. As some of you know, I am Czech, but I've been living in Germany since 2012. I moved here to study at a university (and I still do, at the moment of writing). At some point, at the high school, I started to mess with web design and yadi-yadi-yada, here I am!

I've worked on projects as a freelancer, I've worked at a couple of agencies (and I still do) and have done some interesting university projects as well (just see my about-page and check out my work).

Having worked in various environments, in different countries, with various people, I noticed, there are still big misconceptions about (web) design and the role of a designer in general.

One of the biggest challenges I face in a lot of my project is just to explain, how the design should be done at first place. It's amazing to me, how many clients want to redesign just for the sake of redesigning, without even thinking about the use-cases or content. I want to cover those issues and clarify some misconceptions.

It's not about pushing the pixels, it's about pushing the business.

The other reasons for me for starting a blog are to improve my skills by challenging myself. I've come to realize, I've been stuck for a long time and haven't learned much new, at least in terms of hard-skills. There are some reasons for this, but that's not what I want to cover here. The point is, I want to produce more work and I want to share it.

I set myself some goals, to begin with. Let's see, how I'm gonna keep up with them:

  • Write 100 blog posts (99 to go, I'm on fire!)
  • Share 250 work-related posts on Instagram (and get a Dribbble invite, eventually)
  • Publish 100 photos to
  • Read 50 books on design, productivity or psychology

This way, I'm gonna challenge myself in UX/UI design, photography, writing and reading. The point of this is to create habits to constantly get better at what I do.

(Last but not least I hope to improve my written English and to create writing habit, as my master-thesis is gonna try to kill me at some point.)

That'll do for starters!


Filip Pižl

Filip Pižl

Filip is a Czech interactive designer, living in Dresden, Germany. He focuses on UX/UI design and strategic web design.